1. Agreement:

This Agreement (the “Agreement”) sets out how ZIPA TV will provide access to ZIPA TV IPTV services to you. For purposes of this Agreement, “you” and “your” shall refer to the individual who wishes to use the Services. By (i) your submission of an online order; (ii) your acceptance of the Terms of Service electronically during registration; (iii) your initializing the ZIPA TV Term of Service in an order form (“Order Form”); or (Iv) your use of Services, you agree to be bound by this Agreement, including future revisions. Any specific terms, conditions, instructions or service limits relating to the Services that you chose in your ZIPA TV subscription package will be treated as part of this Agreement.

  1. Authorized User, Use, and Responsibility:

  2. Term: This Agreement goes into effect upon your acceptance of this Agreement and shall continue until canceled or terminated by either party as permitted by this Agreement.
  3. You must be 18 years of age or older and have the legal authority to enter into this Agreement. You affirm that the information you supplied is correct and complete.
  4. You understand that all information provided by you will be relied upon by ZIPA TV for the provision of Services thus shall be true and accurate. You agree that ZIPA TV may disable or terminate the Services in the event that you provide false or incorrect information. You shall promptly notify ZIPA TV whenever your personal information or billing information changes (including for example, your name, email address, telephone number, and credit card number and expiration date).
  5. You agree to use the Services for personal use only and in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations.
  6. You accept that ZIPA TV considers anyone using the Services at the installation device(s) that you provided to be authorized by you.

2. Payment of Charges:

3. Authorization: You may agree to authorize ZIPA TV Technology to automatically charge your designated debit/ credit card for subscription renewal:

4. Refund Fees:

For all new subscription from our website (Including Renewal Subscription) there is NO refund if the subscription order has been received or processed.

5. Equipment:To receive the Services on Television set from ZIPA TV, you may purchase the equipment, which constitutes primarily by, but not limited to, Smart TV, Android Box, Mag Box, cables, wires, amplifiers, STB/receivers and remotes (the “Equipment”) available within your jurisdiction. ZIPA TV does not sell any equipment. Your choice of equipment determines accessibility to ZIPA TV services. Each equipment has different configuration settings.

6. Customer Property: You are responsible to obtain and maintain equipment to access ZIPA TV Services on www.zipa.tv. ZIPA TV assumes no responsibility for the maintenance or repair of equipment you provided, including but not limited to television sets, set top boxes, computers, laptop or other video equipment, remote controls, wireless cards, and stereos or other audio equipment. You shall be responsible for the repair and maintenance of any equipment you provided.

7. Customer Information: ZIPA TV maintains your personal identification information for the purpose of account management, billing, customer support, and service management. You agree that ZIPA TV may also aggregate anonymous, non-personal information for reporting and analysis purposes related to your viewing and usage of ZIPA TV Services.

8. Customer Service: If you have any technical faults and administration questions or want to request any changes in your ZIPA TV account, you may contact ZIPA TV customer service either by sending e-mail to info@zipa.tv.

9. Programming: ZIPA TV is not responsible for the content and does not guarantee nor claims any rights to the content. ZIPA TV is providing the streams of all the channels as they are available online via the Internet. ZIPA TV has several links to third-party streaming providers. ZIPA TV delivers these links as accessibility and does not authenticate the companies or contents of any such links. ZIPA TV has no regulation over, is not responsible for, and makes no allegation and warranty and disclaims all liability with respect to, any such streaming link.

10. Changing the Term of Service: Sometimes, ZIPA TV will change the Term of Service.

11. Limitation of Liability: ZIPA TV aims to provide a continuous, high-quality customer service, but we do not warrant that the Services provided by ZIPA TV will perform at a particular speed or will be uninterrupted, or error-free. The Services can vary depending on location, line quality, inside wiring, Internet traffic, and other factors beyond the control of ZIPA TV.

12. Severability: If any part, term or provisions of this Agreement is found to be illegal or unenforceable by the court, the remainder of this Agreement shall continue to govern our provision of the Services to you.

13. Choice of Law: You and ZIPA TV agree that this Agreement, and any supplements, modifications, addendums and any other change, and the relationship it creates between Customer and ZIPA TV, shall not be construed by and covered under and in accordance with the laws of any country.